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gain master
technical data the new reference in its class of antenna
gain master vs convention antenna

UK Review Part 2 Gain-Master Vs Shakespeare
Big Stick

UK Review  Part 3 Test on 10m AM/FM and USB  


Gain-Master 5/8 first look

QSO from Germany to Bahamas Island


QSO from Germany to Costa Rica

QSO from Germany to Bali Islands


QSO from Germany to Darwin AUSTRALIA


Gain Master Vs. Conventional 5/8λ

vs conventional

Why Gain-Master™ has better performance compared to a conventional 5/8λ

Gain-Master™ has the highest available gain for 5/8λ antenna and due to its angle of radiation perfectly horizontal, can improve performance, better than competing antennas, at least 1-2dB, corresponding to 26%-58% more gain...

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