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Which technologies have been used

The design and development of Gain-Master™ has taken nearly a year and a half for electrical testing, computer simulations and choice of materials to be used.

SIRIO has made comparisons with the best antenna on the market, with the aid of sophisticated equipment such as:

- Electromagnetic computer simulations carried out with *CST Studio Suite 2008.

- Far-field signal analysis with portable Spectrum Analyzer FSL-6 *Rohde & Schwarz.

- S-parameters analysis in time and frequency domains with 8753ES Vector Network Analyzer and E5071B *Agilent Technologies.

- RF power tests with directional sensor NRT-Z14 (25MHz-1GHz) *Rohde & Schwarz.

- Coil thermal image with *TESTO 880-3.

- Data collection from instrumentation and post-analysis with software developed by Sirio with LabView2009* National Instruments.

- Materials and components tested at extremes temperature with Vötsch climatic chamber VC4018 Vötsch Industrietechnik.

*Gain-Master™ is a registered Trade Mark of SIRIO antenne S.r.l. ITALY
*CST® is a registered Trade Mark of Computer Simulation Technology AG
*Rohde&Schwarz® is a registered Trade Mark of Rohde&Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
*Agilent Technologies® is a registered Trade Mark of Agilent Technologies Palo Alto CA
*Votsch® Industrietechnik GmbH is a registered Trade Mark of SCHUNK Group
*LabView® & National Instruments are a registered Trade Marks of National Instruments Austin TX
*TESTO® is a registered Trade Mark of TESTO AG


CST Studio Suite 2008

network analizer
Network analizer 8753ES

network analizer
Network analizer E5071

Thermal image with TESTO 880-3

LabVIEW2009 Antenna power analyzer

camera climatica
Climatic Chamber VC4018